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Scott Helmer - Biography 


Scott Helmer is a master of reinvention and like his music – an inspiration. His contagious, radio-friendly blend of rock and pop infuses memorable guitar riffs, catchy sing-along choruses and lyrics that tell real stories of love, pain and starting over. These songs, co-written and recorded with his talented photographer/musician brother, Rich Helmer, have also crossed over to fans of Country & Americana, where solid songwriting and storytelling are so highly valued. 

Growing up in Elgin, just outside of Chicago, Scott was passionate about writing and playing music early on, beginning with the drums at age five.  But in his early twenties, Scott got sidetracked from his dreams, trading his vision for the promise of a rewarding career as a business entrepreneur. Success led to his climbing the ladder in the high-pressure culture of corporate insurance. After a bright beginning, however, a turned-around world economy turned Scott’s world upside down in a relatively short time. In a tale so many of us can relate to, Scott lost his business, his future – and ultimately the family he loved. 

During this most difficult period in his life, music became the source – and the support – that kept Scott afloat. He reached to the recesses of his soul and found that writing about his story was both healing and therapeutic. Badly beaten, but not defeated, Scott altered the course of his life. This time he chose another path – one directed by his heart. He began creating a new kind of music – music that resonates with others, that speaks of sorrow and spirit, laughter and longing, his life – and maybe yours. 

Today, as Scott continues his journey, he has opened up for legendary acts like Heart, Eddie Money, 3 Doors Down and Big Country, and is using music as a vehicle to connect with listeners on the deepest level.  His messages are relevant, relatable and real. Whether it helps them get through tough times or gain insight from Scott’s roller-coaster life experiences, his music is aligning with fans both local and international. Once you hear Scott's sound, you’ll understand why.  Scott proudly endorses Elixir Strings and Gator Cases.